Improving work efficiency, promoting company relations and encouraging the communication process and collaboration... those are just some of the range of assets that a corporate intranet portal can bring your company, working as an efficient tool to gather together all of the information the user requires to work. Intranet portal functionality allows you to adapt any tool to an individual user's needs and preferences, in order to optimize its usability.

Being a unique tool based on Liferay or Jahia solutions, your corporate intranet portal possesses 2 main functions: coordinates different content and applications; customizes a tool depending on each user requirements.

1. Coordination

The intranet portal gathers in one place all of the information the user requires to work on. Applications that process the information can be interconnected, and feature single sign on (SSO) access control.

2. Customization

The intranet portal functionality allows you to adapt any tool to an individual user's needs and preferences, in order to optimize its usability.
Although every company has its own specific business functions and procedures, any corporate intranet portal has the following general functions:

  • Email, groupware and forum: management of internal and external company relations;
  • Handling news: supplying, using internal and external sources, a solution for viewing and managing such tools as RSS feed or web-service aggregators;
  • Document management: to coordinate creation and distribution of multiple documents associated with your business (see also our ECM solution);
  • Knowledge management: to accumulate knowledge and skills of your employees;
  • Administrative and HR management: to easily manage working time, holidays, business trips and associated expenditures etc.
  • Specific business applications: to improve efficiency of your daily activities.

All functions mentioned above can be fulfilled through the open source intranet portal solutions such as:TYPO3, Jetspeed, Liferay, uPortal and Jahia. Let's briefly look at the most frequently used ones:

1) TYPO3 is an open source and absolutely free content management system that runs on Apache or IIS web servers. It runs easily on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

2) Liferay is an open and free enterprise portal that is written in Java and generally used to power corporate intranet and extranet portals. Liferay is a cross-platform solution constructed from portlets - functional units that are displayed and managed in the portal, and which provide for its diverse functionality. Smile Ukraine developers used Liferay technology to implement a corporate intranet portal for one of our large accounts - Leroy Merlin, the French international home-improvement and gardening retailer.
3) Jahia is an open source CMS that allows you to create websites, corporate intranet portals, and mobile apps. It is written in Java and supported by Windows and Unix OS.